Do you have login problems? try turning Off your Firewall and Popup Blocker!

Sign up FAQ

- A valid e-mail address (domain, hotmail, yahoo)

Step 1:
- Enter your mail in the Hentai Key login box.

Step 2:
- You will be redirected to a FreePrice page you can sign up for it. This is optional.

Step 3:
- Check your mail box within 5 minutes a mail from Hentai Key should appear. With a link in the mail.

Step 4:
- In the mail you will find a link. Click on it to activate your account. Make sure you only click 1 TIME!

Step 5:
- You will be asked to verify your age, type your age - name and security code and proceed.

Step 6:

choose your username and password (These are the log in username and password so remember what you type there)

Step 7:
- thats it, you should be redirect to the site you came from.

Common Questions

It gives an error when I enter my username/password in the activation box:
The most common error. This is simply because the username already excists. (this in the section you got from the mail of HentaiKey) just press back and enter a new username and password. If this doesn't work contact about this issue.

Q: I entered my username, e-mail and pass and it says error what to do?

A: When you have entered you username and password you press on next then fill in your first name and last name and agree you are 18 yearsor not. When you are 18 and click on next you will get a page and what is on that page depends on or you signed up right. If it says error you have to look below the txt and you will find a single line. Read it the most common error is that the username already excists. This means simple go back (with the back buttom from IE, Netscape, opera etc) 2x and enter a new username make sure it is kinda unique. So you are almost sure nobody else has it. Then fill in everything again and when done and it is done correctly then you will get a screen where you can choose for sign up members or GT members

Q: Now I gave a valid e-mail what will happen? Do I get spam mail?

A: NO! you will not get any commercial lists nor your e-mail will be published in downloadable lists for commercial offices. It only will be used for account activation.

Q: I signed up for Hentaikey, I log in but I only can see Red X's instead of pictures

A: This is a "problem" with the log in. When you log in and have your firewall online you will not be able to download movies or games nor the pictures will load. How to fix this? Simply turn of your firewall when you are surfing. The firewalls that cause the problem are XP firewall, Norton firewall, Zone alarm and McAfee firewall.

Q: When I click on the link in the e-mail, I get a screen that says I activated the account already

A: This is an error that can be created by clicking more then once at the link, the hentaikey link will see this as 2 entries and block you, we are not sure how to fix this. We suggest to sign up again.

Q: Do I have to sign out when I logged in?

A: No you don't have to, when you leave the site you will be logged out automaticly, no problems so if there are more people that user the computer you are on they can't use your Username or Password.

Q: I logged in at my own computer and then from a friends house but now it says the account is fraud

A: This has something to do with the IP protection of Hentai Key. All the keys are IP bound and when you log in on another computer that means you logged in under and other IP, this will activate the fraud. So you only can log in at the account from the computer you used to signup.

Q: I use proxy for sites, but when I log in I get fraud detection

A: Same story as above. When you use a proxy to signup make sure you log in under the same proxy that you used to signup and there will be no problem but when you change proxy the key will detect it as fraud detection

Q: What I have to do when my account is fraud

A: e-mail to hentaikey ( ),..

Q: When I click on the link that is in the activation e-mail it says already acitvated.

A: And error that happens when you click serveral times on the link in the e-mail. Make sure you only click 1 time. Or open het in a new window. But make it load only 1 time, if you don't do this then you might get problems. And that error message may appear. If you still get the problem contact about it and give them the e-mail.

Q: When I try to log in it keeps redirecting me to the log in page

A: This is an simple firewall issue. Make sure you have your firewall disabled when you log in at hentaikey. Mainly Zone Alarm and Norton give this problems. But some other firewalls might do this aswell. (Like Windows XP firewall at highest setting)


If you still have questions about Hentai Key that you couldn't find here then mail